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Privacy Policy of is an education blog where we publish latest Govt Job Recruitment Result, Board Result, University Result etc where you can browse and access our resources anonymously.

The website uses Google Analytics to Track the page views or traffic so that we can understand the user requirement and thus improving our website.

Data Collection Policy of We do not collect any kind of user information. We have subscription option to users. Any user who wishes to get in touch with our posts periodically, can subscribe us through providing their email id in our website. We do not share their email id with any third party.

Cookies: While surfing our website some information about your session may be saved in cookies form by your browser automatically to your system for improving your browsing experience. In case you wish to disable cookies in your browser settings then it will not be stored. You can do it by changing your browser settings. But for better browsing experience cookies are kept in enable mode in your browser settings by default. So, it is an option to you to use cookies or not.

If you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy, feel free to contact us. Our email address has been mentioned below.

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